ATTENTION: This system is for exclusive use of OR2 Epic Network members.
Being required a proper Paypal account either to pay a subscription,
to receive any money or both !

For gamification purposes and exclusive benefit of privileged members,
it is required to travel through an Epic Ship.

Therefore, please, consult all available alternatives
via OR2 Agents and Authorized Affiliates.

In case of having your Epic Ship already, for security reasons and essential
concistency of your private information, before entering on this system,
You should associate Your Ship to this CiberMarket Post by an automated
 process via OR2 Epic Network dashboard.
If you have manually registered, please, delete your account and proceed
with the explained steps.

After that, besides the possibility of getting also 100% direct payments into your
own Paypal account, you will be authorized to establish Trading Deals here,
to promote as many links as you want and have special benefits in any available
Epic Taverns, Epic Hostels and Epic Markets as well as privileged access to any
Epic Touristic place and related shows.

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